Artist, Gallery, and Curation Consultation

We support and consult current and emerging artists, curators, and galleries based in the Medina Region, and elsewhere in the Kingdom or internationally, seeking to hone their skills, speak to experienced members of the community, or refine their knowledge and approach to any projects or exhibitions in and about the Medina Region.


Research Support and Consultation

We offer consultations on research conducted in and about the holy city of Medina, as well as the Medina Region. Our services also include support and the possibility of research collaboration upon review of the research proposal.


Workshops and Educational Programs

Upon request, we can facilitate one-day workshops, or week-long educational programs about art, research, and exploration, as well as facilitating community discussions about anything related to the Medina Region, from its history to its geography and significance.


Comprehensive Tours of the Medina Region

By special request only, Al-Mthba can facilitate a highly comprehensive tour of the Medina Region tailored to specifically support artists. filmmakers, academics, researchers, or VIPs who wish to gain a truly in-depth insight of the Medina region in its entirety.