Al-Mthba is a multidisciplinary studio focusing on research, tours,
art, and education. Founded in 2013 by Moath Alofi in Medina,
Saudi Arabia, Al-Mthba aims to incubate and expedite efforts made
in the areas of culture, heritage, and art as a means of illumination
and preservation.

Currently, Al-Mthba offers services in artistic mentorship, gallery management and curation consultation, as well as research consultation in matters of culture, heritage, and preservation in all matters related to the holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia, and the greater Medina region.

Al-Mthba also facilitates exclusive, in-depth tour guides of the region of Medina, by special request only, for researchers, artists, and other notable endeavors seeking to base their work on the Medina Region. Al-Mthba also extends its staff and services for filmmakers, narrative or documentary, seeking a fixer within the Medina Region.